Choose the best location, and find space and terms that fit your growth plans. Design a workplace that attracts and engages employees, customers, and visitors.

Find office space 

Move into your first office, find a new one with room to grow, or develop a complete location strategy. Negotiate lease terms that meet your business plans and goals – including the unexpected ones. 

Define your space strategy

Analyze your office utilization, talent expectations, and employee needs to determine your ideal mix of space. Explore how flex space and coworking fit into your real estate strategy today and into the future.

Deliver an ideal employee experience

Find the location and space that attracts the talent you’re looking for, and bring your culture to life within your walls. Create a workplace that makes your people happy, healthy, and engaged.

What's your

Develop a nimble and scalable location strategy, choose ideal space, and negotiate flexible lease terms. Design a workplace that attracts talent and creates an engaging experience for employees, customers, and visitors.  


WHOOP builds custom Fenway office to meet high growth

“Your office space really matters. Having a great space, great environment, and great design improves everything about your company and permeates through its culture.”  Will Amhed,  WHOOP Founder & CEO

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